meet the designer


“beautifully executed design is my passion”

about cathy 
cathy thompson is an interior designer who brings a wealth of design experience and expertise with a customized approach to each project. after earning her interior design degree and cultivating her design skills and style within the interior design community, she launched eleganz by design, llc. cathy aims to create a complete lifestyle for her clients, ensuring that every project is its own creative expression.  in her years of interior design work, as her clients will tell you, “cathy has always paid attention to the tiniest of details”.

the personal touch 
while collaborating with a select team of people, she’s personally involved in every aspect of each job. beautiful and functional design that brings out the best of what makes you “you” is cathy’s passion. “designs done with intent….”, says cathy, is the core value used to ensure that all facets of the design is done on purpose with the individual client as the focus.

cathy graduated with honors from marymount university in arlington, va. with a BA in interior design. her first career choice was in the IT field programming computers. after many years as a computer specialist, she decided it was time for her left brain to talk to her right brain and pursue her passion for everything design. she’s found her analytical skills have aided her in all areas of the design process and contributed significantly to her obsession for the details.