our design process


“act as if what you design makes a difference.”

deciding to undertake even the smallest design project can be a daunting task. managing our busy lives and carving out time for all we do is a delicate balance.   we want you to know that ‘you can have it all’. our goal is to make your decision to improve your living environment a memorable one. we strive to make the design process smooth, seamless, and accommodating to our clients’ busy lifestyles through four easy steps:

step 1: the initial get-together (getting to know you)

all projects begin with a personalized on-site consultation so we can gather information about your requirements, preferences, and budget. this open interactive conversation will lay the foundation for achieving the living space you want. there is a design related fee associated with this meeting that is fully deductible towards the project.

eleganz by design, llc will then provide a quote for our design services based on our discussion, the space, and the intricacy of the project. the quote will contain the details of the services that we will provide.  at this point, we discuss a project retainer and design related fees based on the scope of work.

upon acceptance of the quote, we will begin the site survey process such as measuring, taking site notes, and photographing the proposed area if necessary. the design retainer is due at this stage.

step 2: you see what we see (design concept)

during this phase we evaluate the information gathered and create a preliminary design complete with recommendations and suggestions for materials, finishes, furnishings, and space planning.

together we review the design and discuss the options selected. original ideas and concerns are re-examined to ensure that every element is included.

step 3: making it happen (purchasing and procurement)

final design plan, materials and pricing are presented for your final approval. bids for labor (if applicable) and scheduling are addressed. once approved a deposit for goods is required to begin the procurement process of furnishings and accessories. a start date is confirmed.

throughout the project, eleganz by design, llc will be monitoring tradespeople, followup on furniture/finishes orders, and conduct site visits to keep your project moving along in a timely, orderly fashion.

step 4: the celebration of you begins (installation & final touches)

the space starts to come together. any contractor work that needs to be done is done. deliveries of pieces purchased begin to arrive.  we thoroughly inspect each piece and direct the placement during installation to its designated place. a second installation to add the accessories and those final touches typically follows after the initial installation is completed.

the magic is complete. the walkthrough of the newly completed space has arrived. an unforgettable moment where you see a space that you are thrilled with and for you to now have some ‘me’ time. enjoy!!!

lets work together!

if you would like to learn more about how we use design to tell your story, please call us at 301.461.5203 to set up a personalized consultation.