“when love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – john ruskin

eleganz by design, llc. offers complete full service interior design soultions that include design concept, design development, product procurement, and implementation covering all aspects of design and installation.

  • full-service design
  • conceptual development
  • design consultations
  • redesign services/styling & home staging
  • space planning
  • holiday & event styling


full-service design

full-service design is for clients who want complete turn-key service.  the designers will work with you to establish a design concept, manage budgets and scheduling, work with contractors and architects as well as provide architectural drawings and presentations to help you visualize your design.  in addition we assist with the procurement of furnishings as well as selecting finishes, custom millwork, lighting, accessories, etc.

conceptual development

conceptual design is best for small projects and the clients’ who seek a “designer’s eye” to help guide them in making decisions to create a cohesive design concept. we will develop floor/space plans, color and furniture specifications, and provide drawings for custom millwork. the client is then able to execute what they need when they need it.

after an initial on site design consultation, we further assess the space and create a design plan that fit the clients’ vision for the space. whether the client wishes to execute the plan immediately, postpone it, or do a little at a time, they will have a plan to assist them.

if the clients wishes, eleganz by design can coordinate the entire project, specifying all pieces and finishes, as well as seeing to the details of enlisting any necessary contractors, coordinating deliveries, and room staging.

design consultations

hourly consultations are generally for those whose need help with a few select issues. our services begin with an initial meeting to discuss your needs, help you shape your ideas and give you further inspiration. professional consultations offered at $150 per hour:

design consultations offered:

in-home consultation – this one-time, in home design consultation service is a 2 hour visit. after a walk through of the space with the client, we will: sit down together and discuss in detail all the specific requirements for the project.  access your goals and offer information about how these goals can be reached. discuss the cost involved and how it relates to your budget, as well as set priorities and/or timeline.  budget discussions are perhaps the most uncomfortable yet eye opening steps in the process.  many clients have no point of reference when it comes to how much their project will cost. this consultation meeting provides the client the opportunity to get accurate, realistic information regarding cost and timeline.  if the client has underestimated the cost of their project, we are able to help them find more cost efficient ways to reach their goals.  we’ll cover a lot of ground during our time together; from paint and/or wall coverings selection, furniture, finishes, space planning and accessories.

color consultation – we offer paint color consultations to help you select the right colors for you and your style. we can refer a paint contractor if you do not already have one.

window consulting – furnishing your windows is a huge investment. whether there’s a need to address privacy or you just want to add a stunning element to your space, we can make professional recommendations for your window coverings based on your window size, shape, and utilization.

remodeling consulting – when your budget won’t allow for a full scale renovation, why not consider a minor spruce up? we can guide you on the key elements to improve your space. for a tiny investment in your home, we can help you with tile, lighting, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. selections.

redesign service/styling & home staging

this service consist of space planning and interior design using new and existing furnishings emphasizing efficient use of the space, architectural details, current color trends, and decorating to reach your target market.  when you are trying to sell your home, first impressions are crucial.  we will style your home to create the optimal first impression for any prospective buyers to ensure you get the most value out of your home.

space planning

if you want to either avoid spending a ton of money on furniture that may or may not work, or part with current furnishings our space planning services can help.  we will measure your room(s) and propose some floor plan ideas using new and existing furniture that can transform the look and feel of your space.

holiday & event styling

the stress of any holiday or major event don’t have to be too much. from seasonal holidays to all those special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and even that yearly super bowl party, hire us to take care of all your home and office decorating needs.  you can do a little or go all out with the full works that are specific to your personal design taste and budget.

don’t wait till the last minute to schedule your “deck the halls” or “GO (team of your choice) !!!” appointment.  it’s recommended to do this within at least 2 months prior to your major event or holiday.